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OAS introduced a range of Ozone generators to the Asian market at the Kaohsiung Internationa

boat show 2014

9-11th May 2014



May 2014 has been an historic moment for our OAS team introducing for the first time our range of products to

the Asian market. Yachting manufacturers, resellers and users were the first targeted market sector where OAS

proposes an ideal solution for water treatment on-board for (drinking water, grey water and jacuzzi / Swimming

pool applications).



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OAS is launching a new fully integrated version of the Coolflow 12, designed for swimming pool


June 2014


Due to the increasing demand for non-chemical and non-irritant solutions regarding swimming pool water

treatment, OAS is happy to announce to distributors a complete innovative system, being environmentally

friendly and easy to use: Coolflow 12, Swimming pool system.




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