Ozone main applications

Ozone generators are used in many different industries for various applications. Below is a non-exhaustive list of applications in

which OAS is currently involved. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Waste treatment

Microbiological decontamination

OAS has been working closely with some recycling and waste treatment

plants in order to implement ozone generators in their processes. Please

feel free to contact us for a tailor made solution or information about

existing applications.

Odour removal

Ozone can applied in bad smelling areas such as, cars, waste rooms.

Cellars etc. Ozone kills existing odours and inhibit bacterial and mould

growth from producing more odours.


Water maintenance

Fresh water tanks, jaccuzzi, swimming pool, aquaculture, and

hydroponics are some of the applications where water maintenance is

important. Our Modulo3 ozone systems give the capacity to control and

purify water. This is an application OAS often undertakes.

Ozone generators are powerful tools for disinfection, sterilization and

odour removal for (food and beverage industries but also in

Laboratories, hospitals, cleaning companies...).

Mould remediation

Odours, mould and biological contaminants in food storage facilities,

food/beverage industry processes can be treated with an adequate

ozone generator and a correctly designed treatment process.

Drinking water and purification

Extensively used in the medical industry, Ozone generators are also used

for home water purification, lab water and as a safety measure in

beverage industry processes.

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